Martin François - Ladislav Starewitch: Talking about Cinema

slovo:5230 - Slovo, March 2, 2019, To the East of Pixar : Russian and Soviet Animated Film -
Ladislav Starewitch: Talking about Cinema

Authors: Martin François

Now that fifty out of the nearly one hundred films in Ladislas Starewitch’s filmography are available, now that recent exhibits of non-film materialfrom the collection Martin-Starewitch have been presented to thousands of people, in various parts of the world, at least, a new approach to Starewitch’s work, to his personal conception of cinema, his view of the world and imagination can be attempted. Now we can better understand his crucial place in cinema history and why various actual major directors refer to Starewitch as the master.Between his fantastic visions, realism and poetry, following the path of childhood and thanks to his prodigious ability in animating, his work is unique.

Volume: To the East of Pixar : Russian and Soviet Animated Film
Published on: March 2, 2019
Submitted on: March 2, 2019
Keywords: fancy,unconciouness,puppet,moving image,composite image,gratitude,exile,multiculturalism,fantasy,reality,image composite,reconnaissance,exil,multiculturalisme,imaginaire,réalité,fantaisie,marionnette,inconscient,image animée,кукла,подсознательное,действительность,воображение,вымысел,мультикультурализм,благодарность,разнородная картина,анимация,эмиграция, [ SHS.ART ] Humanities and Social Sciences/Art and art history


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