Marion Poirson-Dechonne - Soyuzmultfilm: the Excellence in Service of Propaganda

slovo:5239 - Slovo, March 2, 2019, To the East of Pixar : Russian and Soviet Animated Film -
Soyuzmultfilm: the Excellence in Service of Propaganda

Authors: Marion Poirson-Dechonne

The Russian studios played a considerable part in animation. Which elementsallowed this success ? How did they reach the excellence ? How did they reconcile artisticfreedom with ideological pressure ? Soyuzmult Film benefited from considerable meansboth on the human and financial plan and developed a big variety of techniques.The productions of studios drew from immaterial heritage of Russia but aimed atuniversality to reach the widest public. The quality of the realizations which rested on the notion of author and style, the reflexivity and the intermediality, contributed in the success of Soyuzmultfilm. Nevertheless it is advisable to question this success, tohighlight the ambiguity of the model, which develops a propaganda sometimes visible,sometimes discreet, according to period. The omnipresence of the theme of the dreamappears as the symptom of a powerful censorship. A movie as 25th October, 1st day, ofYouri Norstein, could constitute the emblem of a censored propaganda.

Volume: To the East of Pixar : Russian and Soviet Animated Film
Published on: March 2, 2019
Submitted on: March 2, 2019
Keywords: economy,universality,propaganda,style,intermediation,dream,ambiguity,censorship,censure,rêve,ambiguïté,intermédialité,économie,techniques,universalité,propagande,цензура,неоднозначность,мечта,интермедиальность,пропаганда,универсальность,экономика,техники, [ SHS.ART ] Humanities and Social Sciences/Art and art history


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